Welcome to Pilton Arts Group Ltd. We are a friendly group of some seventy members, ranging from complete beginners to experienced artists.


At the end of last year we decided to reduce the number of professional tutorials as the numbers attending did not cover the cost of the tutors. Since then we have continued with visits from our “resident” tutor , Danny Holmes Adams who attends on the first Friday of each month

On each of these visits he gives a tutorial on a relevant topic followed by individual mentoring.

In addition we have instituted project days where a member defines a particular project subject and leads the day. Apart from any materials cost these project days are free and take place on a Monday.

See the page on WORKSHOPS

You can access the latest newsletter and membership details together with an application form under DOCUMENTS.

We are hosting a stand in the Christmas Arts and Crafts Fair in the Barnstaple Pannier market on Saturday 3rd December. Do come along and give us your support, we are raising money to improve the heating in our studio.


Pilton Arts Group Ltd is in the enviable position of leasing and occupying a former Church of England junior School, built in 1840, and situated in Pilton, an attractive and historic part of Barnstaple.

Pilton Arts Group Ltd has a significant holding of shares in Pilton Archway Galleries Ltd who own the building.


Members enjoy their favourite pastime, free from domestic distractions, in warm well lit studios equipped with tables, easels, and a comprehensive library of art books.


We warmly invite you to join us at Pilton Arts Group Ltd to enjoy a friendly environment for developing and expressing your painting and drawing skills. We offer our own classes, workshops, days out painting, a library, exhibitions and friendship. Also your paintings can be displayed on our website for sale or for world wide viewing.

Why not come to one of our drop-in sessions on Monday, Wednesday or Thursday. Details and timings can be found under WORKSHOPS.


In the summer, we usually have a few days out painting, when we can mix and chat in some delightful locations in the vicinity.

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